Shoe care

Our shoes are made from the finest, high quality leather. Slight marks and color variations are natural features of the leather and should not be treated as defects. After some time your shoes may start to look a little tired. Please take a moment to read through these recommendations to help lenghten the life of your shoes.


Protect your new shoes from water marks and stains by using a suitable protective spray or cream. Ask your local shoe repairer for advise on what the correct treatment if for you shoes, as this can vary. If you plan to use your shoes often in rainy or snowy weather conditions, ask your local shoerepairer to add an extra rubber sole. It will protect the leather sole and also make it less slippery.


Clean your leather shoes by wiping them down with a soft cloth or by brushing with a horsehair shoebrush. For suede and nubuck, use a suede brush to take away dirt and dust. For patent leathers, simply wipe away marks with a soft cloth. Special treatments are available for particularly dirty shoes. Ask your local shoe repairer for suggestions on which product is best.


With time leather will becoma a bit dry and dull in color. In order to retain the quality it is important to keep the leather moisturized. First, clean your shoes then use a suitable cream recommended by your shoerepairer. Suede shoes can be brushed with a suede brush to keep the look of the fibers raised and nice.

Wet shoes

Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. Using shoetrees helps the shoes the shoes keep their original shape and absorb moisture. Do not use direct heat when drying your shoes as this will make the leather dry and cause it to crack.

Top piece

Check the top piece on your heels regularily. The shoes must be taken to your shoerepairer to replace before they wear down completely.


Always use a shoehorn when putting your shoes on as it will prevent damage around the heel area. Try and alternate between different pairs of shoes so that they all get a days rest in between usage.


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